A Very Magical Winter: Harry Potter through the Seasons!

harry potter booksThis November, we’re kicking off a new event to encourage our kids to keep reading through the holiday season, even though they won’t be in class.

Our theme for this year is going to be A Very Magical Winter: Harry Potter through the Seasons, as we celebrate one of the greatest and best-selling children’s series of all time.

Why Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a great series for our children to be reading this year. We’re at the point now that these books have become a modern day classic, and the best part about them is that they’re appropriate for such a wide range of ages.

For our younger students, we encourage parents to read along and help them through the text, but we feel that most of our students should be able to manage the books on their own.

The first novels of the series are easier, and most appropriate for children middle school age or younger, while the later books deal with a number of more complex themes appropriate for high school aged learning.

Regardless of what age or which book you choose, it’s sure to be fun for everyone!

What To Do

Every child should choose at least one Harry Potter book to read during their spare time over Thanksgiving or the upcoming winter break. Ideally, everyone will have the chance to read multiple books.

We’re also going to have a series competition, where students can choose to take the plunge and read all seven of the JK Rowling Harry Potter books. If you opt for this challenge, your job is to finish the entire series by the return to school the first week of January.

We’ll have special prizes for those who finish.

Prior to break, we’ll also be having a few “magical” holiday events, including a small quidditch tournament!

Click here to download the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets audiobook or the Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban audiobook from http://harrypotteraudiobooks.org or grab the book series from Barnes and Noble!

Here’s a sneak peek at our favorite holiday scene from the movies!

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