Have You Read The Lord of the Rings Trilogy?

lord of the rings books

After receiving feedback from a number of our students and parents about the Fifty Shades of Grey Challenge we initiated for our students, encouraging our teenagers to read the entire series between now and the return from holiday break, we’ve decided to add a second option: The Lord of the Rings.

We found that many of our male students were not willing to participate in the Fifty Shades challenge, because the series is targeted primarily at the female audience.

Likewise, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is popular mainly among male students, so combining the two into the same challenge seems to be a natural fit.

The Fellowship of the Ring

The first and arguably the most important book of the series is The Fellowship of the Ring. In case you haven’t read it or seen the movies, the book takes place in a mythical world known as Middle Earth, where there is a weak alliance between the kingdoms of men, elves, and dwarves.The book opens on a peaceful area known as The Shire, where hobbits thrive, and Gandalf the Grey wizard invites Frodo Baggins on an epic journey. Though he doesn’t know it yet, his mission will take him across the world to destroy an evil ring of power.Download The Fellowship of the Ring audiobook free from The Lord of the Rings Audiobooks website to get started!

The Two Towers

The Two Towers continues the story as the Fellowship, the group of travelers bound together to destroy the ring, split apart, and war brims on the horizon.Most of this novel shows an escalating of the themes and conflicts presented in the first, with more information revealed about how Mordor is gaining its strength and preparing to attack the kingdoms of men.While the rest of the world prepares for battle, Frodo and Sam continue forward towards Mordor to destroy the ring.

The Return of the King

In the last novel of the trilogy, The Return of the King sees the culmination of the earlier works. The war continues to rage as Mordor attacks Gondor, and Aragorn must assume his role as rightful heir to unite the divisions among men and reinstate the old allegiances with the elves and dwarves in order to have a chance at winning the war.Frodo and Sam finally make it to Mordor, and fight to get the ring to the volcanic interior of Mount Doom, where they must destroy it!

This trilogy is perhaps the most important fantasy series of all time, and is still the bestselling trilogy of the genre. It’s a must read for anyone interested in these types of themes, and there’s plenty of literary intrigue to dissect and discuss as well! See this article in the New Yorker for more suggestions.

You’d better start reading boys, you have some catching up to do! This series, while fun, playful, and adventurous, is quite a long trilogy! We will accept submissions from reading any one of the unabridged books of the series, or for reading the entire abridged series over the course of the challenge period!

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