The Montessori Way

montessori visionThe system of Montessori schools is a privately run network of private and charter schools spread throughout the world, operating on 6 continents.

Our mission is to empower children through education by inspiring a child to follow his or her own curiosity about the world. By asking his own questions, a child learns not only to appreciate the world around him, but to engage with it, and follow his own course of knowledge and find his true potential.

This does not mean we should simply let a child sit without structure and wonder all day long. Quite the contrary, Maria Montessori, the founder of this educational philosophy, provided a clear set of guidelines and philosophical principles that all followers of the Montessori Way should take to heart.

montessori triangle

Some of those principles include:

  • Order and Structure
  • Spirituality and Wonder
  • Learning with all 5 senses
  • Expanding Culture through Immersion and Absorption
  • Everyone is a Teacher, including Students
  • Children Want to Learn
  • Pursue Good Processes, Not Results, and
  • Above All Else: Learning Should be FUN!!!

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